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Innovative distributors need smart technology that works with their business.  Easy to use, easy to implement, sourceit's market and catalog modules deliver improved productivity and more flexible sales solutions. 

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All the features you need to manage your marketing procurement



User productivity is critical so we've created a dashboard that delivers the user instant access to all critical information relating to quotes and jobs. Even suppliers get access to their own dashboard to help them improve how they service your needs.


Quote requests

The intuitive specification builder in sourceit leads the user through a series of questions that helps them create an accurate and consistent quote request every time. With over 49 product categories to select, your users will be able to generate quote request quickly and easily, regardless of their complexity.


Supplier selection

As a user is building a request for quote, sourceit is automatically working to ensure the right suppliers are selected based production methods, product categories, location environmental and CSR classifications. The entire process is fully automated making life easy for your users.



Throughout the entire quote and job management process, your users can collaborate online with suppliers and other team members with sourceit's in-build messaging function. It'll help you maintain a single point for all communications ensuring a complete job history is maintained for future reference.


Purchase orders

it's important that your suppliers receive purchase orders that are accurate, on tiime and up to date. With strict three way matching workflows, sourceit not only automates purchase order creation, it automatically updates the purchase order in real-time as changes are made. 



When the job is completed and the goods receipted as delivered, sourceit instantly generates an invoice which is automatically sent directly to your customer. No checking, no delays, with three-way matching and automated creation, you'll reduce your debtor days and have invoices that are 100% correct every time sent to your customers.



Sourceit has been developed to integrate with virtually any third party application, from finance, to logistics, CRM and WMS systems. Sourceit can also be integrated with your suppliers applications improving quote, job award and management processes. Our open RESTful APIs make it easy for developers. 



Our users are busy people so accessibility from any location, any device and any time are critical requirements. We work closely with our hosting partner Microsoft Azure delivering services to a global client base that is secure, fast and scalable.

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